On April 28th 2018, The Eagle Riders of Oakland City #4288 went trophy hunting… They found such a catch on the 28th and reached their legal limit, that they had to return on the 29th  of April to capture the rest from Evansville 4023 Riders!! Way to go Oakland City!! Now who will try to take such a haul from them?

On Sunday April 22nd 2018, the Shelbyville 766 Riders made a trip after their group meeting to Plainfield for a little trophy hunting of their own. with 13 members  arriving to capture, Plainfield 3207, Evansville 4023, Terre Haute 291 and Brazil 274 trophy as their reward.  A great time was had by all, including our very own special Bartender Marcia at Plainfield Eagles.  Bryan, President of 3207 eagle riders was also present to greet them as they arrived by car and motorcycle. I tried locking the doors and turning off the lights, was a persistante group and got in anyway…lol


Plainfield Eagle Riders on April 8th 2018 went out to hunt down and capture some trophies. With over 11 riders they traveled to Terre Haute Eagles 291 and Found Three Trophies ready to be captured. They found their own trophy and Evansville 4023 trophy. But they also cracked the cherry and was the first group to capture Terre Haute 291 Eagle Riders Trophy, since coming back from the dark in November 2017 to become active again, under President Eric Wallace, who made a special effort to come out and greet us.  We were greeted with sincere Eagle Hospitality and fun was had my all, including a message that was left on the wall in place of one of the

The 3207 Riders proceeded to stop at Brazil 274 Eagles and found yet another trophy ready for capturing. Even though this one is a behemoth in size…lol, it is grandfathered. (See rules for size requirements). Again we received a warm welcome by our brother and sister eagles and a very good time was had by all. Thank you Rider President Craig Stump for coming out to be with us.



Terre Haute Eagle Riders #291 on their first Trophy Capturing Run, Stole two Trophies from Evansville #4023. They captured Plainfield #3207 and Evansville #4023. Be sure to watch the Trophy Page on where they are.


#291Terre Haute Taking Two Off Evansville #4023 and Plainfield #3207


The Winner of the 2017 Harley Davidson Street Glide S is Sherree Zink

Congratulations Sherree!! We hope you enjoy your new ride!!

The winner of the 2016 Motorcycle Raffle is Michael Richards!!

Congratulations Michael! We hope you enjoy your new ride!!




Raffle Ticket winner for the 2015 Harley-Davidson Road King:
Tammy Danner and her husband have had a wonderful 2015 riding season. She is planning on “Blinging” out her motorcycle in the near future and is looking forward to the 2016 riding season. She is also planning on learning to ride her new bike! She is also planning on purchasing a raffle ticket for this year’s motorcycle raffle and so are her friends that didn’t purchase on last year!! Congratulations again Tammy on your motorcycle and we look forward to seeing you at the Expo this year!

This years motorcycle raffle winner was Tammy Danner of Frankfort Indiana, on Ticket #4324.  We would like to congratulate Tammy on her new motorcycle.

2015 Motorcycle Raffle Winner

New Traveling Trophy:
Please welcome Terre Haute #291 to the Traveling Trophy Arena. They have not only come out of the Dark in November 2017, but with a traveling trophy and are ready to play the game!!! Game On Terre Haute #291!!

New Group:
Also Bryan Titus did start a New Eagle Riders Group at Aerie 174  in Anderson Indiana on Sunday November 12th 2017. Please Welcome the Anderson Eagle Riders. This is the oldest Aerie in the State. Visit them and see some real history in their building.

Attention all groups :
As of this 2016-2017 fiscal year, Eagle Riders of Indiana have raised $181,299.15 and has been donated to charities. Great JOB Eagle Riders. Keep the good work up. Since Bryan has started keeping track of monies raised, the Indiana Eagle Rider groups have raised $1,589,708.07. This is proof that the Eagle Riders ARE “PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE” and have huge hearts!! “Eagle Riders Rock”

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